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Compare Junior ISAs - Deciding which Childrenís ISA is the right one for your Child

We canít tell you where to put your money or which Junior ISAs are better than others, Thatís for you to decide.

What we do is offer you as much information as possible on a wide range of Junior Stocks and Shares ISAs and allow you to compare these accounts on a single table.

This way you can decide which Junior ISA Accounts are more suited to your investment style and preferences. For example, if you are an extremely cautious saver then you might prefer to
compare cash junior isas as these accounts pay a fixed amount of interest on your investment but are at a strong risk to the eroding effects of inflation.

For the more balanced and adventurous savers, or those who are comfortable with medium to long term investments (which Junior ISAs are), then you might prefer to
compare stocks and shares junior isas which carry a higher risk then a cash account but the growth and returns are potentially much higher.


Junior ISA Regulations

  • Junior ISAs are only available to children who live within the UK and do not hold a Child Trust Fund
  • You can invest up to £4000 per year tax free
  • Friends, Relatives & Grandparents can all contribute towards Junior ISAs
  • All funds held within Junior ISAs are safely locked away within the account until the child reaches 18
  • Only the parents or legal guardians can open a Childrenís ISA on behalf of the child.
  • When the child reaches 18, the account will automatically change to a regular Stocks and Shares ISA and they can continue enjoying tax free savings.
  • Children can have both a cash and stocks & shares Junior ISA (only one of each permitted) but the total annual investment must not exceed £4000 per year.
  • Unlike the Child Trust Fund, the government will not be contributing towards it.
  • You cannot transfer a Child Trust Funds to Junior ISAs.
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