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Scottish Friendly Junior ISA

Child ISA from Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited

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Scottish Friendly Junior ISA

Currently managing over £800 million worth of assets (at 31/12/2011), Scottish Friendly are well equipped to look after your child’s investment.

Officially named ‘Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited’ (SFAS), they have been trading for over 150 years and because of their friendly mutual status, they enjoy tax benefits which other investment establishments can not.

Being a friendly society, any profits generated form their Junior ISA funds or any of

other investment / insurance vehicles goes straight back to it’s members in the form of higher interest rates, lower fee’s etc.

You can apply for their Stocks and Shares Children’s ISA online or through the post via printed documentation which is available via their website.

This Junior ISA is available to all children under the age of 16 who where not eligible for the
Child Trust Fund and anyone can pay into the account including friends and family. The maximum allowance is £3600 per year (for the tax year 2012/2013) and is expected to increase each year in line with inflation.

This product is provided by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited.
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